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iroha::consensus Namespace Reference




struct  AgreementOnNone
 Agreement on <None, None> More...
struct  BaseGateObject
struct  BlockReject
 Reject on block. More...
struct  PairValid
 Current pair is valid. More...
struct  ProposalReject
 Reject on proposal. More...
struct  Round
class  RoundTypeHasher
struct  Synchronizable
struct  VoteOther
 Network votes for another pair and round. More...


using ConsensusResult = shared_model::interface::Block
using ConsensusResultCache = cache::SinglePointerCache< ConsensusResult >
using GateObject = boost::variant< PairValid, VoteOther, ProposalReject, BlockReject, AgreementOnNone >
using BlockRoundType = uint64_t
using RejectRoundType = uint32_t

Typedef Documentation

using iroha::consensus::BlockRoundType = typedef uint64_t

Type of round indexing by blocks

Type to represent result of the consensus in form of block

Type to represent a consensus result cache with a single block

using iroha::consensus::RejectRoundType = typedef uint32_t

Type of round indexing by reject before new block commit