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iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache Class Referenceabstract

#include "ordering_gate_cache.hpp"

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Public Types

using BatchesSetType = std::unordered_set< std::shared_ptr< shared_model::interface::TransactionBatch >, BatchPointerHasher >
using HashesSetType = std::unordered_set< shared_model::crypto::Hash, shared_model::crypto::Hash::Hasher >

Public Member Functions

virtual void addToBack (const BatchesSetType &batches)=0
virtual BatchesSetType pop ()=0
virtual void remove (const HashesSetType &hashes)=0
virtual const BatchesSetTypehead () const =0
virtual const BatchesSetTypetail () const =0
virtual ~OrderingGateCache ()=default

Detailed Description

Cache for transactions sent to ordering gate

Member Typedef Documentation

using iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache::BatchesSetType = std::unordered_set< std::shared_ptr<shared_model::interface::TransactionBatch>, BatchPointerHasher>

type of the element in cache container. Set is used as it allows to remove batch from BatchSet with O(1) complexity, which is the case in remove method

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache::~OrderingGateCache ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache::addToBack ( const BatchesSetType batches)
pure virtual

Concatenates batches from the tail of the queue with provided batches

Implemented in iroha::ordering::cache::OnDemandCache.

virtual const BatchesSetType& iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache::head ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the head batches

Implemented in iroha::ordering::cache::OnDemandCache.

virtual BatchesSetType iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache::pop ( )
pure virtual

Pops the head batches and returns them

Implemented in iroha::ordering::cache::OnDemandCache.

virtual void iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache::remove ( const HashesSetType hashes)
pure virtual

Removes batches by provided hashes from the head of the queue

Implemented in iroha::ordering::cache::OnDemandCache.

virtual const BatchesSetType& iroha::ordering::cache::OrderingGateCache::tail ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the tail batches

Implemented in iroha::ordering::cache::OnDemandCache.

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