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iroha::MstStorage Class Referenceabstract

#include "mst_storage.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

StateUpdateResult apply (const shared_model::crypto::PublicKey &target_peer_key, const MstState &new_state)
StateUpdateResult updateOwnState (const DataType &tx)
MstState extractExpiredTransactions (const TimeType &current_time)
MstState getDiffState (const shared_model::crypto::PublicKey &target_peer_key, const TimeType &current_time)
MstState whatsNew (ConstRefState new_state) const
bool batchInStorage (const DataType &batch) const
virtual ~MstStorage ()=default

Protected Member Functions

 MstStorage (logger::LoggerPtr log)

Protected Attributes

logger::LoggerPtr log_

Detailed Description

MstStorage responsible for manage own and others MstStates. All methods of storage covered by mutex, because we assume that mutex possible to execute in concurrent environment.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual iroha::MstStorage::~MstStorage ( )
iroha::MstStorage::MstStorage ( logger::LoggerPtr  log)

Constructor provide initialization of protected fields, such as logger.

Member Function Documentation

StateUpdateResult iroha::MstStorage::apply ( const shared_model::crypto::PublicKey target_peer_key,
const MstState new_state 

Apply new state for peer

target_peer_key- key for for updating state
new_state- state with new data
State with completed or updated batches General note: implementation of method covered by lock
bool iroha::MstStorage::batchInStorage ( const DataType batch) const

Check, if passed batch is in the storage

batchto be checked
true, if batch is already in the storage, false otherwise
MstState iroha::MstStorage::extractExpiredTransactions ( const TimeType current_time)

Remove expired transactions and return them

State with expired transactions General note: implementation of method covered by lock
MstState iroha::MstStorage::getDiffState ( const shared_model::crypto::PublicKey target_peer_key,
const TimeType current_time 

Make state based on diff of own and target states. All expired transactions will be removed from diff.

difference between own and target state General note: implementation of method covered by lock
StateUpdateResult iroha::MstStorage::updateOwnState ( const DataType tx)

Provide updating state of current peer with new transaction

tx- new transaction for insertion in state
completed and updated mst states General note: implementation of method covered by lock
MstState iroha::MstStorage::whatsNew ( ConstRefState  new_state) const

Return diff between own and new state

new_state- state with new data
state that contains new data with respect to own state General note: implementation of method covered by lock

Member Data Documentation

logger::LoggerPtr iroha::MstStorage::log_

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