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iroha::ametsuchi::PostgresIndexer Class Reference

#include "postgres_indexer.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

 PostgresIndexer (soci::session &sql)
void txHashPosition (const shared_model::interface::types::HashType &hash, TxPosition position) override
 Index tx position by its hash. More...
void committedTxHash (const shared_model::interface::types::HashType &committed_tx_hash) override
 Store a committed tx hash. More...
void rejectedTxHash (const shared_model::interface::types::HashType &rejected_tx_hash) override
 Store a rejected tx hash. More...
void txPositionByCreator (const shared_model::interface::types::AccountIdType creator, TxPosition position) override
 Index tx position by creator account. More...
void accountAssetTxPosition (const shared_model::interface::types::AccountIdType &account_id, const shared_model::interface::types::AssetIdType &asset_id, TxPosition position) override
 Index account asset tx position by involved account and asset. More...
iroha::expected::Result< void, std::string > flush () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from iroha::ametsuchi::Indexer
virtual ~Indexer ()=default

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PostgresIndexer::PostgresIndexer ( soci::session &  sql)

Member Function Documentation

void PostgresIndexer::accountAssetTxPosition ( const shared_model::interface::types::AccountIdType account_id,
const shared_model::interface::types::AssetIdType asset_id,
TxPosition  position 

Index account asset tx position by involved account and asset.

Implements iroha::ametsuchi::Indexer.

void PostgresIndexer::committedTxHash ( const shared_model::interface::types::HashType committed_tx_hash)

Store a committed tx hash.

Implements iroha::ametsuchi::Indexer.

iroha::expected::Result< void, std::string > PostgresIndexer::flush ( )

Flush the indices to storage. Makes the effects of new indices (that were created before this call) visible to other components.

Void Value on success, string Error on failure.

Implements iroha::ametsuchi::Indexer.

void PostgresIndexer::rejectedTxHash ( const shared_model::interface::types::HashType rejected_tx_hash)

Store a rejected tx hash.

Implements iroha::ametsuchi::Indexer.

void PostgresIndexer::txHashPosition ( const shared_model::interface::types::HashType hash,
TxPosition  position 

Index tx position by its hash.

Implements iroha::ametsuchi::Indexer.

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void PostgresIndexer::txPositionByCreator ( const shared_model::interface::types::AccountIdType  creator,
TxPosition  position 

Index tx position by creator account.

Implements iroha::ametsuchi::Indexer.

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