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iroha_cli::interactive::InteractiveQueryCli Class Reference

#include "interactive_query_cli.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

 InteractiveQueryCli (const std::string &account_id, const std::string &default_peer_ip, int default_port, uint64_t query_counter, const std::shared_ptr< iroha::model::ModelCryptoProvider > &provider)
void run ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iroha_cli::interactive::InteractiveQueryCli::InteractiveQueryCli ( const std::string account_id,
const std::string default_peer_ip,
int  default_port,
uint64_t  query_counter,
const std::shared_ptr< iroha::model::ModelCryptoProvider > &  provider 

Class to form and send Iroha queries in interactive mode

creator_accountcreator's account identification
default_peer_ipof Iroha peer
default_portof Iroha peer
query_countercounter associated with creator's account
providerfor signing queries

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Member Function Documentation

void iroha_cli::interactive::InteractiveQueryCli::run ( )

Run interactive query command line

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