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shared_model::interface::types Namespace Reference


using SignatureRangeType = boost::any_range< interface::Signature, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Signature & >
 Type of signature range, which returns when signatures are invoked. More...
using TransactionsCollectionType = boost::any_range< Transaction, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const Transaction & >
 Type of transactions' collection. More...
using AccountAssetCollectionType = boost::any_range< AccountAsset, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const AccountAsset & >
using HashCollectionType = boost::any_range< HashType, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const HashType & >
 Type of hash collection. More...
using TransactionsForwardCollectionType = boost::any_range< Transaction, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Transaction & >
using SharedTxsCollectionType = std::vector< std::shared_ptr< Transaction >>
using BatchesCollectionType = std::vector< std::shared_ptr< TransactionBatch >>
using HashType = crypto::Hash
 Type of hash. More...
using BlobType = crypto::Blob
 Blob type. More...
using AccountIdType = std::string
 Type of account id. More...
using PrecisionType = uint8_t
 Type of precision. More...
using HeightType = uint64_t
 Type of height (for Block, Proposal etc) More...
using AddressType = std::string
 Type of peer address. More...
using PubkeyType = crypto::PublicKey
 Type of public key. More...
using PublicKeyCollectionType = std::vector< PubkeyType >
 Type of public keys' collection. More...
using RoleIdType = std::string
 Type of role (i.e admin, user) More...
using DomainIdType = std::string
 Iroha domain id type. More...
using AssetIdType = std::string
 Type of asset id. More...
using PermissionNameType = std::string
 Permission type used in permission commands. More...
using PermissionSetType = std::set< PermissionNameType >
 Permission set. More...
using QuorumType = uint16_t
 Type of Quorum used in transaction and set quorum. More...
using TimestampType = uint64_t
 Type of timestamp. More...
using CounterType = uint64_t
 Type of counter. More...
using AccountNameType = std::string
 Type of account name. More...
using AssetNameType = std::string
 Type of asset name. More...
using DetailType = std::string
 Type of detail. More...
using JsonType = std::string
 Type of JSON data. More...
using AccountDetailKeyType = std::string
 Type of account detail key. More...
using AccountDetailValueType = std::string
 Type of account detail value. More...
using TransactionsNumberType = uint16_t
 Type of a number of transactions in block and query response page. More...
using DescriptionType = std::string
 Type of the transfer message. More...


enum  BatchType { BatchType::ATOMIC = 0, BatchType::ORDERED = 1 }

Typedef Documentation

using shared_model::interface::types::AccountAssetCollectionType = typedef boost::any_range<AccountAsset, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const AccountAsset &>

Type of account detail key.

Type of account detail value.

Type of account id.

Type of account name.

Type of asset id.

Type of asset name.

using shared_model::interface::types::BatchesCollectionType = typedef std::vector<std::shared_ptr<TransactionBatch>>

Type of counter.

Type of the transfer message.

Iroha domain id type.

using shared_model::interface::types::HashCollectionType = typedef boost::any_range<HashType, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const HashType &>

Type of hash collection.

Type of height (for Block, Proposal etc)

Type of JSON data.

Permission type used in permission commands.

Type of precision.

Type of public keys' collection.

Type of Quorum used in transaction and set quorum.

Type of role (i.e admin, user)

using shared_model::interface::types::SharedTxsCollectionType = typedef std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Transaction>>
using shared_model::interface::types::SignatureRangeType = typedef boost::any_range<interface::Signature, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Signature &>

Type of signature range, which returns when signatures are invoked.

Type of timestamp.

using shared_model::interface::types::TransactionsCollectionType = typedef boost::any_range<Transaction, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const Transaction &>

Type of transactions' collection.

using shared_model::interface::types::TransactionsForwardCollectionType = typedef boost::any_range<Transaction, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Transaction &>

Type of a number of transactions in block and query response page.

Enumeration Type Documentation