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shared_model::interface::types Namespace Reference


using SignatureRangeType = boost::any_range< interface::Signature, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Signature & >
 Type of signature range, which returns when signatures are invoked. More...
using TransactionsCollectionType = boost::any_range< Transaction, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const Transaction & >
 Type of transactions' collection. More...
using AccountAssetCollectionType = boost::any_range< AccountAsset, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const AccountAsset & >
using HashCollectionType = boost::any_range< HashType, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const HashType & >
 Type of hash collection. More...
using TransactionsForwardCollectionType = boost::any_range< Transaction, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Transaction & >
using SharedTxsCollectionType = std::vector< std::shared_ptr< Transaction > >
using BatchesCollectionType = std::vector< std::shared_ptr< TransactionBatch > >
using HashType = crypto::Hash
 Type of hash. More...
using BlobType = crypto::Blob
 Blob type. More...
using AccountIdType = std::string
 Type of account id. More...
using PrecisionType = uint8_t
 Type of precision. More...
using HeightType = uint64_t
 Type of height (for Block, Proposal etc) More...
using AddressType = std::string
 Type of peer address. More...
using PubkeyType = crypto::PublicKey
 Type of public key. More...
using PublicKeyCollectionType = std::vector< PubkeyType >
 Type of public keys' collection. More...
using RoleIdType = std::string
 Type of role (i.e admin, user) More...
using DomainIdType = std::string
 Iroha domain id type. More...
using AssetIdType = std::string
 Type of asset id. More...
using PermissionNameType = std::string
 Permission type used in permission commands. More...
using PermissionSetType = std::set< PermissionNameType >
 Permission set. More...
using QuorumType = uint16_t
 Type of Quorum used in transaction and set quorum. More...
using TimestampType = uint64_t
 Type of timestamp. More...
using CounterType = uint64_t
 Type of counter. More...
using AccountNameType = std::string
 Type of account name. More...
using AssetNameType = std::string
 Type of asset name. More...
using DetailType = std::string
 Type of detail. More...
using JsonType = std::string
 Type of JSON data. More...
using AccountDetailKeyType = std::string
 Type of account detail key. More...
using AccountDetailValueType = std::string
 Type of account detail value. More...
using TransactionsNumberType = uint16_t
 Type of a number of transactions in block and query response page. More...
using DescriptionType = std::string
 Type of the transfer message. More...
using SettingKeyType = std::string
 Type of setting key. More...
using SettingValueType = std::string
 Type of setting value. More...
using PeerList = std::vector< std::shared_ptr< shared_model::interface::Peer > >
 Type of peers collection. More...
using TLSCertificateType = std::string
 Type of a TLS certificate. More...


enum  BatchType { BatchType::ATOMIC = 0, BatchType::ORDERED = 1 }

Typedef Documentation

◆ AccountAssetCollectionType

using shared_model::interface::types::AccountAssetCollectionType = typedef boost::any_range<AccountAsset, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const AccountAsset &>

◆ AccountDetailKeyType

Type of account detail key.

◆ AccountDetailValueType

Type of account detail value.

◆ AccountIdType

using shared_model::interface::types::AccountIdType = typedef std::string

Type of account id.

◆ AccountNameType

Type of account name.

◆ AddressType

using shared_model::interface::types::AddressType = typedef std::string

Type of peer address.

◆ AssetIdType

using shared_model::interface::types::AssetIdType = typedef std::string

Type of asset id.

◆ AssetNameType

using shared_model::interface::types::AssetNameType = typedef std::string

Type of asset name.

◆ BatchesCollectionType

using shared_model::interface::types::BatchesCollectionType = typedef std::vector<std::shared_ptr<TransactionBatch> >

◆ BlobType

◆ CounterType

Type of counter.

◆ DescriptionType

Type of the transfer message.

◆ DetailType

using shared_model::interface::types::DetailType = typedef std::string

Type of detail.

◆ DomainIdType

using shared_model::interface::types::DomainIdType = typedef std::string

Iroha domain id type.

◆ HashCollectionType

using shared_model::interface::types::HashCollectionType = typedef boost:: any_range<HashType, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const HashType &>

Type of hash collection.

◆ HashType

◆ HeightType

Type of height (for Block, Proposal etc)

◆ JsonType

using shared_model::interface::types::JsonType = typedef std::string

Type of JSON data.

◆ PeerList

using shared_model::interface::types::PeerList = typedef std::vector<std::shared_ptr<shared_model::interface::Peer> >

Type of peers collection.

◆ PermissionNameType

Permission type used in permission commands.

◆ PermissionSetType

Permission set.

◆ PrecisionType

Type of precision.

◆ PubkeyType

◆ PublicKeyCollectionType

Type of public keys' collection.

◆ QuorumType

Type of Quorum used in transaction and set quorum.

◆ RoleIdType

using shared_model::interface::types::RoleIdType = typedef std::string

Type of role (i.e admin, user)

◆ SettingKeyType

Type of setting key.

◆ SettingValueType

Type of setting value.

◆ SharedTxsCollectionType

using shared_model::interface::types::SharedTxsCollectionType = typedef std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Transaction> >

◆ SignatureRangeType

using shared_model::interface::types::SignatureRangeType = typedef boost::any_range<interface::Signature, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Signature &>

Type of signature range, which returns when signatures are invoked.

◆ TimestampType

Type of timestamp.

◆ TLSCertificateType

Type of a TLS certificate.

◆ TransactionsCollectionType

using shared_model::interface::types::TransactionsCollectionType = typedef boost::any_range<Transaction, boost::random_access_traversal_tag, const Transaction &>

Type of transactions' collection.

◆ TransactionsForwardCollectionType

using shared_model::interface::types::TransactionsForwardCollectionType = typedef boost::any_range<Transaction, boost::forward_traversal_tag, const Transaction &>

◆ TransactionsNumberType

Type of a number of transactions in block and query response page.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ BatchType