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shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence Class Reference

#include "transaction_sequence.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

 TransactionSequence ()=delete
 TransactionSequence (const TransactionSequence &)=default
 TransactionSequence (TransactionSequence &&)=default
 TransactionSequence (const types::BatchesCollectionType &batches)
const types::SharedTxsCollectionTypetransactions () const
const types::BatchesCollectionTypebatches () const
std::string toString () const

Detailed Description

Transaction sequence is the collection of transactions where:

  1. All transactions from the same batch are place contiguously
  2. All batches are full (no transaction from the batch can be outside sequence)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence::TransactionSequence ( )
shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence::TransactionSequence ( const TransactionSequence )
shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence::TransactionSequence ( TransactionSequence &&  )
shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence::TransactionSequence ( const types::BatchesCollectionType batches)

Member Function Documentation

const types::BatchesCollectionType & shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence::batches ( ) const

Get batches in transaction sequence Note that transaction without batch meta are returned as batch with single transaction

collection of batches from transaction sequence
std::string shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence::toString ( ) const

Here is the call graph for this function:

const types::SharedTxsCollectionType & shared_model::interface::TransactionSequence::transactions ( ) const

Retrieves transactions from all batches as single collection

all batches transactions

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