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iroha::model::Block Struct Reference

#include "block.hpp"

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Public Types

using HashType = decltype(hash)
using SignaturesType = decltype(sigs)
using BlockHeightType = decltype(height)
using TransactionsType = decltype(transactions)
using RejectedTransactionsType = decltype(rejected_transactions_hashes)

Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const Block &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const Block &rhs) const

Public Attributes

hash256_t hash {}
std::vector< Signaturesigs
ts64_t created_ts {}
uint64_t height {}
hash256_t prev_hash {}
uint16_t txs_number {}
std::vector< Transactiontransactions
std::vector< HashTyperejected_transactions_hashes

Detailed Description

Block is Model-structure, that provides all block-related information Block can be divided into payload which contains all the data and signatures of this data.

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Member Function Documentation

bool iroha::model::Block::operator!= ( const Block rhs) const

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bool iroha::model::Block::operator== ( const Block rhs) const

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Member Data Documentation

ts64_t iroha::model::Block::created_ts {}

Timestamp of block creation(signing) part of PAYLOAD

hash256_t iroha::model::Block::hash {}

Calculated as hash(PAYLOAD field) NOT a part of payload

uint64_t iroha::model::Block::height {}

Block number in the ledger Height can be used as block_id part of PAYLOAD

hash256_t iroha::model::Block::prev_hash {}

Hash of a previous block in the ledger part of PAYLOAD

std::vector<HashType> iroha::model::Block::rejected_transactions_hashes

Attached rejected transactions' hashes part of PAYLOAD

std::vector<Signature> iroha::model::Block::sigs

List of signatures for signing the block NOT a part of PAYLOAD

std::vector<Transaction> iroha::model::Block::transactions

Attached transactions part of PAYLOAD

uint16_t iroha::model::Block::txs_number {}

Number of transactions in block body part of PAYLOAD

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