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iroha::network::PeerCommunicationService Class Referenceabstract

#include "peer_communication_service.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

virtual void propagate_batch (std::shared_ptr< shared_model::interface::TransactionBatch > batch) const =0
virtual rxcpp::observable< OrderingEventonProposal () const =0
virtual rxcpp::observable< simulator::VerifiedProposalCreatorEventonVerifiedProposal () const =0
virtual rxcpp::observable< synchronizer::SynchronizationEventonSynchronization () const =0
virtual ~PeerCommunicationService ()=default

Detailed Description

Public API for notification about domain data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual iroha::network::PeerCommunicationService::~PeerCommunicationService ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual rxcpp::observable<OrderingEvent> iroha::network::PeerCommunicationService::onProposal ( ) const
pure virtual

Event is triggered when proposal arrives from network.

observable with Proposals. (List of Proposals)

Implemented in iroha::network::PeerCommunicationServiceImpl.

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virtual rxcpp::observable<synchronizer::SynchronizationEvent> iroha::network::PeerCommunicationService::onSynchronization ( ) const
pure virtual

Event is triggered when commit block arrives.

observable with sequence of committed blocks. In common case observable<Block> will contain one element. But there are scenarios when consensus provide many blocks, e.g. on peer startup - peer will get all actual blocks. Also, it can provide no blocks at all, if commit was empty

Implemented in iroha::network::PeerCommunicationServiceImpl.

virtual rxcpp::observable<simulator::VerifiedProposalCreatorEvent> iroha::network::PeerCommunicationService::onVerifiedProposal ( ) const
pure virtual

Event is triggered when verified proposal arrives

verified proposal and list of stateful validation errors

Implemented in iroha::network::PeerCommunicationServiceImpl.

virtual void iroha::network::PeerCommunicationService::propagate_batch ( std::shared_ptr< shared_model::interface::TransactionBatch batch) const
pure virtual

Propagate batch to the network

batch- batch for propagation

Implemented in iroha::network::PeerCommunicationServiceImpl.

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