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shared_model::detail::variant_impl< S > Struct Template Reference

#include "variant_deserializer.hpp"

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struct  load_impl
struct  load_null

Static Public Member Functions

template<class V , class Archive >
static V load (Archive &&ar, int which)

Detailed Description

template<class S>
struct shared_model::detail::variant_impl< S >

Helper for variant deserialization Iterate through type list to use type specified by type index in list

Template Parameters
Slist of types

Member Function Documentation

template<class S>
template<class V , class Archive >
static V shared_model::detail::variant_impl< S >::load ( Archive &&  ar,
int  which 

Deserialize container in variant using type in list by specified index Choose dummy or concrete deserializer depending on type list size

Template Parameters
Vvariant type for deserialization
Archivecontainer type
arcontainer to be deserialized
whichtype index in list
vresult variant

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