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JsonDeserializerImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 JsonDeserializerImpl (std::shared_ptr< shared_model::interface::CommonObjectsFactory > common_objects_factory)
template<typename TDest >
TDest deserialize (const rapidjson::Value &src, boost::optional< std::string > path=boost::none)

Detailed Description

A class for reading a structure from a JSON node.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JsonDeserializerImpl::JsonDeserializerImpl ( std::shared_ptr< shared_model::interface::CommonObjectsFactory common_objects_factory)

Member Function Documentation

template<typename TDest >
TDest JsonDeserializerImpl::deserialize ( const rapidjson::Value &  src,
boost::optional< std::string >  path = boost::none 

Load the data from rapidjson::Value. Checks the JSON type and throws exception if it is wrong.

Template Parameters
TDest- the type of data to read from JSON
src- the source JSON to read the data from
path- optional path that is used to denote the possible error place.
the deserialized data

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