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iroha::Completer Class Referenceabstract

#include "mst_state.hpp"

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool isCompleted (const DataType &batch) const =0
virtual bool isExpired (const DataType &batch, const TimeType &current_time) const =0
virtual ~Completer ()=default

Detailed Description

Completer is strategy for verification batches on completeness and expiration

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual iroha::Completer::~Completer ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool iroha::Completer::isCompleted ( const DataType batch) const
pure virtual

Verify that batch is completed

batch- target object for verification
true, if complete

Implemented in iroha::DefaultCompleter.

virtual bool iroha::Completer::isExpired ( const DataType batch,
const TimeType current_time 
) const
pure virtual

Check whether the batch has expired

batch- object for validation
current_time- current time
true, if the batch has expired

Implemented in iroha::DefaultCompleter.

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