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shared_model::proto::QueryResponse Class Referencefinal

#include "proto_query_response.hpp"

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Public Types

using TransportType = iroha::protocol::QueryResponse
- Public Types inherited from shared_model::interface::QueryResponse
using QueryResponseVariantType = w< AccountAssetResponse, AccountDetailResponse, AccountResponse, ErrorQueryResponse, SignatoriesResponse, TransactionsResponse, AssetResponse, RolesResponse, RolePermissionsResponse, TransactionsPageResponse, PendingTransactionsPageResponse, BlockResponse >
 Type of container with all concrete query response. More...
- Public Types inherited from shared_model::interface::ModelPrimitive< QueryResponse >
using ModelType = QueryResponse
- Public Types inherited from Cloneable< ModelPrimitive< QueryResponse > >
using base_type = ModelPrimitive< QueryResponse >

Public Member Functions

 QueryResponse (const QueryResponse &o)
 QueryResponse (QueryResponse &&o) noexcept
 QueryResponse (const TransportType &queryResponse)
 QueryResponse (TransportType &&queryResponse)
 ~QueryResponse () override
const QueryResponseVariantTypeget () const override
const interface::types::HashTypequeryHash () const override
const TransportTypegetTransport () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from shared_model::interface::QueryResponse
std::string toString () const override
bool operator== (const ModelType &rhs) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from shared_model::interface::ModelPrimitive< QueryResponse >
virtual bool operator!= (const ModelType &rhs) const
virtual ~ModelPrimitive ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from Cloneable< ModelPrimitive< QueryResponse > >
virtual ~Cloneable ()=default

Protected Member Functions

QueryResponseclone () const override

Member Typedef Documentation

using shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::TransportType = iroha::protocol::QueryResponse

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::QueryResponse ( const QueryResponse o)

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shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::QueryResponse ( QueryResponse &&  o)
shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::QueryResponse ( const TransportType queryResponse)
shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::QueryResponse ( TransportType &&  queryResponse)

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shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::~QueryResponse ( )

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Member Function Documentation

QueryResponse * shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::clone ( ) const

Polymorphic clone constructor. Method guarantees deep-copy.

pointer to cloned object

Implements Cloneable< ModelPrimitive< QueryResponse > >.

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const QueryResponse::QueryResponseVariantType & shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::get ( ) const
reference to const variant with concrete qr

Implements shared_model::interface::QueryResponse.

const QueryResponse::TransportType & shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::getTransport ( ) const
const interface::types::HashType & shared_model::proto::QueryResponse::queryHash ( ) const
hash of corresponding query

Implements shared_model::interface::QueryResponse.

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