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iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback Class Reference
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Public Types

using InitFunctionType = std::function< void(soci::session &)>

Public Member Functions

 FailoverCallback (soci::session &connection, InitFunctionType init, std::string connection_options, std::unique_ptr< ReconnectionStrategy > reconnection_strategy, logger::LoggerPtr log)
 FailoverCallback (const FailoverCallback &)=delete
FailoverCallbackoperator= (const FailoverCallback &)=delete
virtual void started ()
virtual void finished (soci::session &)
virtual void failed (bool &should_reconnect, std::string &)
virtual void aborted ()

Detailed Description

Class provides reconnection callback for postgresql session Note: the class is a workaround for SOCI 4.0, support in future versions is not guaranteed

Member Typedef Documentation

using iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::InitFunctionType = std::function<void(soci::session &)>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::FailoverCallback ( soci::session &  connection,
InitFunctionType  init,
std::string  connection_options,
std::unique_ptr< ReconnectionStrategy reconnection_strategy,
logger::LoggerPtr  log 

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iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::FailoverCallback ( const FailoverCallback )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::aborted ( )

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virtual void iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::failed ( bool &  should_reconnect,
std::string &   
virtual void iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::finished ( soci::session &  )
FailoverCallback& iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::operator= ( const FailoverCallback )

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virtual void iroha::ametsuchi::FailoverCallback::started ( )

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