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iroha::torii Namespace Reference


class  CommandService
class  CommandServiceImpl
class  CommandServiceTransportGrpc
class  QueryProcessor
class  QueryProcessorImpl
class  QueryService
class  StatusBus
class  StatusBusImpl
class  TransactionProcessor
class  TransactionProcessorImpl


template<typename T >
constexpr bool FinalStatusValue

Variable Documentation

template<typename T >
constexpr bool iroha::torii::FinalStatusValue
Initial value:
TrivialProto< interface::CommittedTxResponse, iroha::protocol::ToriiResponse > CommittedTxResponse
Definition: proto_concrete_tx_response.hpp:42
Definition: is_any.hpp:14
Definition: rejected_tx_response.hpp:16
TrivialProto< interface::StatelessFailedTxResponse, iroha::protocol::ToriiResponse > StatelessFailedTxResponse
Definition: proto_concrete_tx_response.hpp:26

Statuses considered final for streaming. Observable stops value emission after receiving a value of one of the following types

Template Parameters
Tconcrete response type

StatefulFailedTxResponse and MstExpiredResponse were removed from the list of final statuses.

StatefulFailedTxResponse is not a final status because the node might be in non-synchronized state and the transaction may be stateful valid from the viewpoint of up to date nodes.

MstExpiredResponse is not a final status in general case because it will depend on MST expiration timeout. The transaction might expire in MST, but remain valid in terms of Iroha validation rules. Thus, it may be resent and committed successfully. As the result the final status may differ from MstExpiredResponse.