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Events are emitted when certain things happen within the blockchain, e.g. a new account is created or a block is committed. There are different types of events:

  • pipeline events
  • data events
  • time events
  • trigger execution events

Pipeline Events

Pipeline events are emitted when transactions are submitted, executed, or committed to a block. A pipeline event contains the following information: the kind of entity that caused an event (transaction or block), its hash and status. The status can be either Validating (validation in progress), Rejected, or Committed. If an entity was rejected, the reason for the rejection is provided.

Data Events

Data events are emitted when there is a change related to one of the following entities: peers, domains, accounts, asset definitions, assets, triggers, roles, permission tokens, permission validators, or Iroha configuration. These types of events are used in entity filters.

Time Events

Time events are emitted when the world state view is ready to handle time triggers.

Trigger Execution Events

Trigger execution events are emitted when the ExecuteTrigger instruction is executed