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Welcome to the Hyperledger Iroha 2 tutorial. This document is designed to help you get started with Iroha 2, regardless of your knowledge of Hyperledger technology, coding experience or familiarity with blockchains.


This tutorial is suitable for both experienced developers, prospective users, and people casually curious about blockchain technology. The level of detail is sufficient so that you wouldn't need any supplementary guide. However, should you want to learn more, we have more detailed documentation in the works.

In this guide, we shall

  • walk you through starting an Iroha network, either with docker (recommended) or using one of the provided scripts;
  • introduce you to the client libraries;
  • take a small detour into the basic concepts of Iroha special instructions, and how they interact with the world state.

We invite you to follow the tutorial in this order:

  1. If you are already familiar with Hyperledger Iroha, read about the differences between the two versions of Iroha.
  2. Install Iroha 2.
  3. Follow one of the language-specific guides to learn how to set up and configure Iroha 2, register a domain and an account, register and mind assets, and visualize outputs:

Tutorial Updates

The current iteration of the Iroha 2 tutorial is a constant work in progress. We are updating the tutorial with each release to reflect the state of Iroha and the newly added features. While we do our best to keep this tutorial up to date, it can go out of sync by a few days or maybe a week.