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Iroha 2

Iroha is a fully-featured blockchain ledger. With Iroha you can:

  • Create and manage custom fungible assets, such as currencies, gold, and others
  • Create and manage non-fungible assets
  • Manage user accounts with a domain hierarchy and multi-signature transactions
  • Use efficient portable smart contracts implemented either via WebAssembly or Iroha Special Instructions
  • Use both permissioned and permission-less blockchain deployments

Learn More

For more information on Iroha 2, please take a look at the Iroha 2 Whitepaper, as well as the Hyperledger Iroha section within the Hyperledger Foundation Wiki.

For more information on Iroha 1, take a look at the Iroha 1 documentation.


If you want to contribute to Hyperledger Iroha, please look at our Contributing Guide.